About Me and Contact

Hi, I'm Nerikaen and I am a VTuber as well as a graphic designer. I specialise in the making of Streamer Assets, such as overlays, panels, branding and 3D Vroid models.

I have over 5 years of experience in Graphic design, and I am currently completing a BA in Graphic design too, with a focus on branding and digital communications!

It's best to contact me via discord, as that is where I am most responsive (Nerikaen#2000)


Vroid Models

Models start at £130
Base model will come with custom skin texture, custom hair and custom outfit
Items such as horns, ears and glasses will cost £10-£20 extra per item pending on complexity.
Small extras such as simple earrings are free

Overlay Packs

Packs come in 3 different bundles:
Just overlay scenes (£40)
Just Panels (£15)
Panels and Scenes (£50)

By default your overlay pack will include:
Starting Soon
Just Chatting
Be Right Back
Ending Soon

Orders requiring just one scene or scenes with overly different designs on each will be £25 minimum per scene. Please contact me for a quote in this instance.

Social Media Banners

Banners cost £15 each, or £25 for a bundle of three with repeated style
For amounts larger than that please ask me for a quote


When commissioning me I require the following information when you enquire:

The types commissions you would like done

an image/references of your vtuber so I can make sure the design matches them well

If possible a colour pallete from the model but if you dont have one ill take it off your model (but this might cause colours to be incorrect and I will not be held liable for this)

Any general ideas you already had for the design, for example must have graphics, specific types of patterns/colours etc anything you like the idea of, this can also be in the form of any reference images you like that I can take inspiration from.

Is there any vibe you'd like to show with the design eg, comfy, spooky etc.


Payment via Paypal only
Half the payment will be required upfront, the other half when I am finished
Average turnaround is 7-10 days from when I start your commission.
Refunds are not possible after payment, but as the artist I have the right to cancel and refund any commission for any reason


Vroid Models